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All information gathered about an investigator is private and confidential to public eyes. The information gathered below can and will be turned over to authorities should there be a case/need arise where it will/can be useful to any local, state, or federal agency.
Before filling out this application please note that becoming a team member in no way guarantees you will be used
in any form of media such as TV, Video, Print or Radio. Membership to HOT is voluntary only and you will not at
any time be offered money for service. There is no insurance offered or carried by HOT and should you become
injured during any way during your time with the team you understand that HOT and the members of the team are
not liable for any injuries, damages or death.Anyone applying for the HOT team will have a background check
performed before being offered a place on the team.  As cases go there are several aspects that need to be covered and everyone who is on the team is required to take part in some way and failing to do so can and will mean removal from the team. We are in the field to help others and in no way are looking to become famous or treat this has a hobby.
If you feel the same way then please continue to fill out this application and someone will be in touch with you for an interview. Thanks.

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Have you ever had an experience that you would describe as "paranormal"? Yes    No
If Yes, Please explain: 
Have you ever belonged to a paranormal team?     Yes    No
If Yes, what team and why did you leave?:

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Field Researcher
Location Researcher
Property Walkthrough
Media Relations
Evidence Review

Have you ever been convicted of a felony?    Yes    No

If "Yes", please explain:

***Please note that conviction does not necessarily eliminate you for consideration on the team***

What is your general view of the paranormal?

Are you using any drugs, legal or illegal, that cause any alteration of your state of mind?    Yes    No

If  "Yes", please explain:

Please list anything else, appropriate to our team, that you would like us to know about you:

I hereby understand my involvement with HOT is a volunteer (at my own risk) position. I understand that if I should ever
intend to leave the team I will do so in writing. Should I be removed from the team I do have the right to talk to the heads of the
team before a final decision is made. Should I become injured during an investigation, HOT will make every effort to provide
assistance in helping to arrange transportation to a medical facility if needed, but is in no way responsible for any cost. The
responsibility for all cost due to injury, fatigue, or equipment repair is solely the responsibility of the individual.
This includes but is not limited to: physical/mental injury, equipment damage, property damage, or any other cost
that may be needed during the course of an investigation that I am involved with. If accepted into the HOT group,
I understand that I am not allowed to talk about any pending or previous case information unless I have been granted
permission to do so ahead of time. I also realize that while I am affiliated with HOT I am not allowed to associate myself
with HOT in anything that would degrade the representation of HOT, including: private investigations, charging for investigations,
unauthorized use of equipment, facilities, or property of HOT, unauthorized contact of cliental or previous members or anything
that would go against the policies and procedures of the HOT group, which is subject to change. I must adhere to all rules, practices,
policies, procedures, and instructions of HOT. I agree that I am not on any illegal drugs and I fully understand that I am not allowed to
consume any alcohol within 24 hours of any HOT event, duty or investigation. Failing to do so or if found to be on illegal drugs you
will be removed from the HOT team on the spot. I fully understand that any HOT equipment used by me will be returned in the same
condition in which it was given to me. Should I find that the equipment given to be is not working or damaged in any way I will report it
asap. If I used any equipment of my own I will let the lead investigator know beforehand and any video, photo or voice recordings that
are captured on my own equipment must be turned over to the HOT team within 24 hours and becomes the property of the HOT team.
I fully understand that the HOT team is not attached to any TV, Radio or print media and as such if the team is picked for some kind of
media I may be asked to help out but does not mean that I will and I agree to not appear on any TV, Radio or Print media as a member of
the HOT team without the permission of the Lead Investigator and or the Media Manager.

By checking this box, and typing in your initials below, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined above.

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